About us

Laboratorio Fitocosmetico dott. Furia srl

Laboratorio fitocosmetico dott. Furia is a company with twenty years of experience in the cosmetic sector for third parties. We are actually one of the best-established laboratories in our area who manufacture cosmetic products. We were certified by the institute for the Ethical and Enviromental Certification (ICEA), who approves the management and control system of our manufacturing process and guarantees our compliance with the bio-ecological production regulations.
We are affiliate with UNIPRO (Italian association of cosmetic companies) and we also collaborate with the University of Ferrara and Verona.
We produce different cosmetic brands that export all over the world.
We follow the customer step by step from the selection of the products to be placed on the market, up to the choice of packaging.
We perform various quality control of finished product.
We are always looking for active principles to create innovative and high quality cosmetic.
For us is very important the health of the client's skin.

Filanthos lines

We have our own line of beauty treatments "Filanthos". Filanthos is a completely natural line. We supply professional beauticians who can use these products for their beauty treatments or sell them to their customers. We supply the most famous beauty farms, beauty shops.
Filanthos maintains that a cosmetic should be, above all, efficaceus and it's daily use should be a pleasure. For this reason the consistence, the fragrance and the exclusive packing of Filanthos products have been studied and created in order to please and satisfy the four senses. The Filanthos researchers are well aware of the richness and efficacy of the ingredients and of the active principles which nature itself offers, so making these cosmetics efficaceous at the same time respecfull the skin. Filanthos products accompany you all day long, in every situation and for every necessity. They help you to feel better, more attractive and serene, every day and in any moment. Specific treatments are proposed which help to model your body with a professional and natural touch so contributing to mantain your healthy appearance.
The image of this line is fresh, modern and elegant.
The design was created by a famous Spanish designer to make Filanthos original, different and recognizable.
We use plastic bottles to minimize transportation costs. Most of our articles are contained in an airless bottles to optimize the preservation of the products.
Our satisfaction is to make you feel better and more attractive every day at any time.

Thank you for choosing Filanthos.

Dott. Gianfrancesco Furia