Payment methods

Safe purchasing on

By buying online you need to choose the desired payment method:

Credit cards

Our system accept the following credit cards: Carta Si, Mastercard, Visa, Eurocard, Visa Electron PostePay directly from the website at no additional charge. The reception of this payment method is usually 3-4 working days.


If you have a PayPal account, you can pay quickly and securely, without having to type it every time your credit card details. By using PayPal, your bank information is never shared with the seller. This payment method is free of charge and time of reception is almost immediate.

Cash on delivery

This kind of payment allows you to pay the order after the delivery of the package.

Remember that buying online from the internet is:
  • Comfortable all products are on the site
  • Fast delivery times are reduced
  • Cheap thanks to very special discounts
  • Safe payment in cash or by credit card on a secure server